Discussing SALSA and small farms on the TECA knowledge sharing platform

Dec 11, 2017

TECA is a platform for learning about and exchanging information on agricultural technologies and practices that has been developed by the FAO, one of the partners in SALSA. One part of this platform, the SALSA Exchange Group, is dedicated to the SALSA project.  In this section, there are lively discussions about the role of small farms and small food businesses in achieving food and nutrition security, where people can exchange their research findings and practical experiences. The group is open to everyone interested in SALSA and its topics, and particularly welcomes those engaged in the food system, agricultural producers, consumers, food retailers, civil society organizations, policy makers, researchers and the media.

Since the SALSA Exchange group was launched, 12 discussions have been started. Topics include the following:

  • SALSA’s project activities, which are also of potential interest for a broader audience;
  • interviews with small farmers and representatives of small food businesses;
  • descriptions of how the Food System Maps were developed and the initial information that they have yielded;
  • experiences of working with regional Communities of Practice.

The section is well illustrated with pictures from the field to explain these topics and links provided to other documentary sources that give more in-depth insights.

Whenever one of the project key deliverables is finalized the results are posted and forum members have the opportunity to discuss the main practical and theoretical implications for the SALSA project. The section also has news about the project and links to related resources related to the project.

The SALSA group on TECA is available here http://teca.fao.org/group/salsa. You can register with TECA to participate in the group (by clicking here: http://teca.fao.org/user/register).

“Please feel free to join this part of the platform. Engaging with other stakeholders and exchanging knowledge and learning is a vital part of SALSA.  Please share your experiences and knowledge with us on this platform”.

Karlheinz Knickel,

Project Coordinator