SALSA reports and publications


N.B. These deliverables are work in progress and not in all cases the final versions. Updated versions will be added to the website as they are finalized.

 4.1. Regional reports on the future potential role of small farms and small food businesses in food and nutrition security
 4.2 Synthesis report on the future potential role of small farms in FNS in Europe in 2030 and 2050: results of a foresight assessment.
 4.3 Roadmap for participatory foresight assessments at regional level, in contrasting regional contexts across Europe and Africa, building on the evaluation of the whole process of WP4.

 6.1 Report on enabling conditions and existing policy instruments that are to, directly or indirectly, promote the development of small farms and a corresponding tailoring of international cooperation and agricultural research for development

 6.2 Strategic framework for guiding decision-makers in the choice of appropriate support instruments (including the related evaluation and learning arrangements).
 6.3 Policy brief with policy lessons and recommendations that are relevant for EU policy development as well as the EU strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation, paying particular attention to the Europe-Africa dialogue.

Strengthening Agricultural Innovation Systems for Family Farming: Multi-stakeholder processes to develop capacities to innovate for food and nutrition security

Presentations from the side event held at CFS 17 October, 2019
  • Selvaraju Ramasamy, Head, Research and Extension Unit, FAO
    Overview of FAO’s role in strengthening agricultural innovation systems for family farmers
  • Theo De Jager, President, World Farmers’ Organization
    Farmers in the global political processes on climate change and agriculture: The Climakers Initiative
  • Judith Francis, Chair of the Tropical Agriculture Platform
    The TAP Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agriculture Innovation System
  • Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of the Unit ‘Rural Development, Food Security and Nutrition’, DG DEVCO, European Commission
    EU approach in support to innovation and research for agricultural and rural transformation
  • Teresa Pinto-Correia, Coordinator, Horizon 2020 SALSA project, University of Évora
    Understanding the role of small farms in Europe and Africa: the transdisciplinary research approach of the SALSA project