The SALSA coordination team will attend a full day session on 15 June 2018 to discuss issues on SC2 project implementation in Brussels.

The event is addressed to the coordinators of H2020 Societal Challenge 2: Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime inland water research and the bioeconomy projects. The morning session will contain presentations on legal aspects, such as the General Data Protection and the Access and Benefit-Sharing Regulations (GDPR and ABS, respectively), on the financial elements to consider, and on issues related to project reporting and reviews.

The first part of the afternoon session will be a thematic workshop session focused on three discussion topics: “The Multi-actor Approach”, “The European Research Area Network (ERA-net) and the European Joint Programme (EJP)”, and “International Cooperation”.  The second half of the afternoon will feature presentations about Research and Innovation, specifically about communication and dissemination activities for Horizon 2020 projects, as well issues relating to open access and open data management.