SALSA community of practice

SALSA community of practice (CoP) is a key element in SALSA communication and learning activities. It operates as a multi-stakeholder learning and policy dialogue platform aimed to consult, advance, validate and disseminate SALSA research, and to enrich the knowledge base on small farms, small food businesses and food and nutrition security. A place of meeting and knowledge exchange between different stakeholders, the CoP helps to integrate SALSA work with existing policy and practice discussions, and to identify and support new market and policy arrangements.

SALSA CoP is organised at two levels:


In each country where SALSA conducts its research, there is a regional or national CoP which brings together regional and national stakeholders. Typically, participants in regional CoPs are small farmers, small food businesses, NGOs, policy makers, researchers, advisors and other. Depending on local contexts, SALSA partners have initiated new collaborative networks or have aligned with existing communities. Regional CoPs focus on issues that are relevant for small farms and small food businesses at regional or national level.



SALSA international CoP mobilizes international stakeholders. These involve the project’s partners, members of SALSA expert stakeholder panel, experts invited from other relevant networks, active SALSA e-conference participants (see SALSA 1st e-conference and 2nd e-conference), SALSA Twitter followers, and other interested parties.

The international CoP brings together experiences and expertise from around the world, and helps to align SALSA research with relevant international debates and issues.

To keep SALSA CoP internally linked and to facilitate joint learning among its different parties, SALSA consortium ensures that information and knowledge flows among the regional CoPs and the international CoP.